Friday, August 27, 2010

Freeing up mind.can i?


alhamdulillah dapat lagi aku mencoret di lamanku ini..sebenarnya tengah menunggu team singgah sahur.. :)

hehe hari itu sepatutnya ada orang datang rumah dan hantar sahur, tah macam mana,rumah kami tak disinggahi oleh pegawai yang bertugas..tak apalah dah tak ada rezeki kan? :) so pagi tadi pegawai tu ada tanya sama ada rumah kami dapat atau tidak, aku pun jawab la tiada..jadi sekarang nie tengah tunggu mereka kembali semula.kesian kat housemate aku..semua macam tertunggu tunggu hari tu,dek kerana kepenatan, mereka tertido..ini pun aku tak mengharapkan sangat untuk dapat, ada rezeki tu datangla orang bagi, kalau tak sahur dengan milo je la. :)

daripada aku melalut nie, baik aku study kan? dahla hari sabtu pagi aku ada test.hihi

hari ini, quite a bad day in here means kuliah laa.tahla hari ini tak masuk satu apa pun yang lect ajar. tensen woo. buat2 soalan tak dapat.buat2 soalan tak dapat.soalan buat2 tak dapat. :P

aku sampai tertekan untuk beberapa waktu, sebelum ditenangkan oleh kawan2 aku.haha~

there is something, bugging up my mind.

it’s been there hiding, for sometime.

I wonder how it can be of that kind

when it keeps on my mind all the time.


maybe it’s me who at fault

or maybe it comes from the circumstances that was out

but eventually we all have a part

to play in this drama of heart.

sajak merapu di pagi hari.haha~

entahla.anggap apa yang aku tulis ini cuma luahan hati ek. :)

take care all.


wan_temen. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

From the bottom of my heart. :)


tengok tajuk di atas  pun dah pelik kan? oklah,ini adalah draft essay aku untuk dihantar kepada lecturer bagi subjek Personal Development. mohon pandangan dan kritikan…boleh kata ini adalah a piece of my life :)


Alhamdulillah, I still can breathe and live on His world to share some of my experience throughout my own personal journey in this life.

To begin with, I shall start when I was still in the primary school. Mostly my times at the primary school were being shadowed by my mom, because she is a teacher in the same school. As such, I have to control myself not to do things that will embarrass my mum. Also, people tend to look at me having some sort of immunity because they think my mum will protect me when something happens. I want to explain that my mum treat me same as all the students in school, but when at home, she treats me as her son. One more thing about me when I was in primary school is I have a clean disciplinary record which means I did not once being brought up to the disciplinary committee to bad reasons.

I reached my peak performance when I was in Standard 3. During my time they still have examinations such as PTS (Penilaian Tahap Satu). Alhamdulillah, I managed to pass that exam and have been offered to a step up directly to Standard 5 or continue my normal learning in Standard 4 in the following year. After discussing with my parents, we agreed unanimously to let me go straight to Standard 5. But unfortunately, when I was in Standard 5, most of my time was waste away by the laziness that creeps into my life. Because I get a good result in my previous year, I feel that I do not have to work as hard as I do in the past year. Besides that, I was still in the cultural shock when I have to learn back whatever skipped in the Standard 4 in order to prepare for the upcoming UPSR. As such, my result on UPSR was not so brightly. I only managed to get only 3A’s and 2 B’s. And what is more interesting, one of the B’s is in English subject (my mum was an English teacher in that school.)

Move on to the second phase which is when I was in the secondary school. This phase is a bit of transition phase because I spend around 2 years in the mix school and another 3 years in the all boys school. Before I go further, let me explain a little bit about it. Nearing the end of my Form 2, I got news from my parents that we were moving on to Kuala Kangsar. As such, I have to continue my studies in the new place. What is interesting here is the difference between the environments in the class whereby in this all boys school the lessons were more directly. And also the environment was a bit harsh, maybe because most of the students were boys. The teachers also have to be a bit strict, especially for the class who were poor.

In the year I moved on to Kuala Kangsar, at the same time I will be sitting for PMR examinations. Even with the so called “adjustments” to the new place in a very short time, alhamdulillah, I still managed to get 6 A’s and 2 B’s (but still out of my target. For your information, my target was to get 4 A’s and 1 B’s in UPSR, and 7 A’s and 1 B’s in PMR).

When continuing my studies in Form 4(that was real honeymoon year for me). I became lazier (to be frank) and more playful. In short, most of my times are not being optimized fully. I should be studying but instead I prefer to play games.

That year was also the year my father brought an Astro decoder. I, as an avid football fan became addicted to the sports channel until I force myself to wake up at 3 in the morning just to see my favorite team in action. In that year also I become freer. Freer in this context means I started to go on certain events like managing club and organization courses, participate in certain competitions, as for example, the Parliamentary Debate, and also lots of competition (maybe this is the reason why my results were drowned).When I was in Form 5, then I realized that how my life were wasted a year ago. So than I try to cover it back. Unfortunately, it was too late and in the end, my SPM results were badly enough to make my parents so disappointed with me.

Now we are entering the last phase of my development. From post SPM until now, there are lots of experiences that I’ve learned. I shall start when I first entering UiTM. At first I was afraid because this is my first time being away from my parents, but Alhamdulillah it was just flows on. What I mean here is with helps from my friends and others such as lecturers and staffs; I manage to survive alone here. Before this, there is always one question that keeps on bugging me: May I survived here in this campus, which is big and most of the time you have to think of your own? The answer is Alhamdulillah, I managed to. Maybe because me myself have been living alone for the most of the time, so that I have no problems in managing my life (although there were some minor issues here and there).

Starting from semester 1, I have been appointed class representatives for each of the subject. For me I was not a big deal (just being tired) because it represents an opportunity for me to know the structure of UiTM and the culture of dealing in here. At first it took me some time to adapt to the situation but Alhamdulillah I managed to deal with it. I’m a fast learner maybe that is the reason that I can adapt to the situations quickly. Since then I have been class representative for my class in various subjects throughout my 3 year in diploma studies.On semester 4, I was asked by my lecturer to for becoming part of Student Representative Council (MPP). From there I know a new leaf in my life will emerged. It is undeniable that my term as an MPP which lasts for a year gives me many experiences and memories that will last long in my memory. Among my activities in MPP such as organizing activities, dealing with industry people and also organizing big scale events.

My personal development continues when I was asked to be an Official Crew for Minggu Mesra Siswa, a biannual event in which new students come to UiTM for new intake each semester. While the event lasts for a week, so many experiences and things I learned throughout it. Sufficient to say it helps my personal development rapidly. Since then I have become closed to Counseling and Career Unit UiTM Kedah who was in charge of this activity. And I have joined most of their activities like touring schools and visitors, being a facilitator in certain activities, or even being a part of people who work there( after class I will always went there just for resting and exchanging opinions).

I have been through a long path until now, but I feel there is room for more improvement. As for example, my time management is still at poor level. I realized this problem when I become MPP. This is because I cannot balanced between studies and organizing activities. One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is my words, sometimes can be too harsh and hurt people. This is my weaknesses since I am a type of person that says something directly. And sometimes when I talk, I think of that as a joke but person who hears me thinks of other definition.

My plan for the time being is to be a useful person to anybody who befriended me. I believe that I’m not alone in this journey, because I have friends and families who were surrounding me. I will try my best to give happiness to them, as long as they know a person that named Wan Muhammad Syafiq Bin Wan Nazlan…

itulah sahaja essay aku.tapi ini cuma draft.mungkin akan ditambah atau ditukar. maaf jika rasa bosan dan malas nak membaca ayat ayat yang panjang. Segala luahan hati aku dan curahan rasa sepanjang 20 tahun aku hidup( tak sampai pun, dalam 13 tahun je sebab start dari sek rendah) ada di dalam essay this is from my heart to you all moros. :) harap boleh bagi pendapat dan kritikan, jika mahu. :)

take care all.



Monday, August 16, 2010

wan. edisi merapu.


Pekabo yob dan yong, sihat kome? alhamdulillah, awok masih lagi diberi peluang untuk menulis dan mencoret isi hati, luahan diari, dan juga seri hati (jiwang haha) dalam blog ini.

baiklah, sekadar singgah, dan sekadar bertanya khabar.aku sekarang di UKK, sedang melepak, menunggu waktu kelas aku yang kaan bermula pada pukul 2 nanti. :) kelas apa? Usul Fiqh..cara cara membuat hukum.hihi :) lepas tu kelas pukul 4-6 pulak..alughahtul al arabiyyah. :)

fuh pedas dowh..sebab apa? makan cili ke? puasa weh..mana boleh makan! tak ada la, ada orang sindir aku, dah lama sangat tak mengupdate blog..haha.masalahnya kesibukan disini.maaf buat semua moros yang menunggu kemasukan entri baru, cadangannya nak buat entri baru setiap minggu, namun…almaklumlah, tugas hakiki dan tugas maknawi lebih banyak dari tugas aku kat blog nih.. :)

maaf diucapkan kepada sesiapa yang menunggu, harap dengan entri ini dapat mengubat rindu.. :P

hihi, dah nak masuk waktu Zuhur dah, jom p solat berjamaah? :)

take care all.

salam. :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

memberi buat yang mengingini. :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah diketemukan kita lagi dalam rancangan(ehh apa ni) haha.bersyukur kepada Nya kerana masih berpeluang untuk mencoret barang sepatah dua dalam blog ini..dan juga bersyukur kerana kita masih sempat untuk memasuki bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang pernuh dengan barakah dan kerahmatan.. :)

baik.untuk entri kali ini, ada banyak cerita nak dikongsikan, (dah taip banyak sebenornye tadi, tah lappy lak buat hal, hilang dibawak dek angin lalu je la perkataan yang menari nari dalam akal aku tadi..) pasal menderma darah.

korang pernah menderma darah? best tak? aku nak cerita pengalaman aku menderma darah buat kali pertama, seumur hidup.. :) untuk permulaan, aku ada tanya pendapat para2 seasoned donorist pasal derma darah nie.. dan satu trivia yang menarik, lepas  derma darah kita ada dua kemungkinan, sama ada selera makan makin bertambah atau makin berkurang.

move on to pengalaman masa menderma. aku sampai di tempat menderma(dalam UiTM gak, foyer DIDE)..aku datang bersama UKK clan( syam, hadi dan iffah) kami berempat memang bersemangat waja berhati mulia (:P) untuk menderma nih..namun, hanya aku dan syam berjaya meneruskan perjuangan dan menderma darah..hadi sangkut sebab dia pernah menjalani operation dalam tempoh 6 bulan terakhir, iffah pulak sebab tak cukup hemoglobin(hemo hemo..) hihi.

masa nak menderma tu, aku pun dengan mind setting ingatkan lama, so aku nak pasang earphone dulu, yela boleh gak layan satu dua lagu semenetara menunggu nanti ek kan? :) masa tu nurse basahkan pelipat lengan kanan aku, than dia spray bius kot.(sejuk, dan nyaman giler!) but then dia tepuk2 pelipat tu nak cari urat, sekali tak jumpa dia terpaksa beralih ke tangan kanan aku untuk check(seb baik dia tak cucuk belah kiri, pas tu tengok2 tak cukup laju aliran darah, dia pindah sebelah kanan pulak.ini pernah terjadi kat kawan aku).

masa cucuk tu memang panas la, macam rasa kena inject darjah 6 je dulu.hihi. tetapi time darah tengah mengalir tu aku tak berani nak gerak tangan kanan aku.pedih gak la mengenangkan jarum tu dok ada dalam urat aku kan(haha)

apa yang best kat sini, masa untuk aku penuhkan satu beg, tak sampai 3 minit kot! aku dok nak pasang satu lagu, sembang sembang sikit dengan kawan, nurse tu kata “dik, dah selesai”. aku pun ”haa? betul ke dah abis? tak percaya..” hihi..alhamdulillah, semoga darah yang aku derma tu dapat digunakan untuk tujuan yang bermakna..bantu orang accident ke, buat transfusi ke :)

eh, untuk pengetahuan, darah aku B+. :)

sampai sini sahaja, insya Allah jumpa lain masa. take care all.

salam :)